Monday, August 1, 2011

Getting Back To It!

Starting a new diet today. Cutting out sugars and starches.
I have self diagnosed myself as an emotional eater. Anytime I feel any kind of stress I head for the cabinets for something to eat and it's usually something sweet.
Gosh, it's just tough to have to worry about every little thing that goes into your mouth. I hate it!
Recently I had lost something like 25 lbs. but today I stepped back on the scale and was up 8 lbs. just since July 9th! Wow...followed by UUGGHHHH!!
So, today I'm eating protein with salads for lunch and incorporating grapefruit too because i hear it is suppose to help with the break down of fat...???
No coffee today either and I'm still awake! Ha Ha
Mainly, I just want to be thinner because i have noticed a big difference in how people (family and true friends excluded) treat you when you are heavier. Maybe that's just me...

I just wanted to sign in and start blogging again in hopes that would help keep me on track.
I still have that short term goal to be below 200lbs!

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